About BLC

BLC is shorted for Blended Learning Center which is located in China (Beijing & Shanghai). It combines online curriculum and offline classroom teaching to help students to earn high school credits in a condensed time. Students need to sign up for online accounts which track their study progress by taking online tests, submitting assignments online and previewing and reviewing online study materials, etc. During classroom hours, the teachers will follow the online curriculum.

What can we offer?

BLC offers a variety of BC high school courses and covers up to 95% courses in BC high schools. Most importantly, BLC helps the students in transferring the credits earned for each course upon the completion of the course. The credits will be recognized by the school districts students are studying/will study in. We encourage students to confirm with their counsellors/schools directly about the credit transfer before signing up in China.

Subjects in BLC

Subjects Grade Notes
ESL All grades Academic English.
English 8 - 11 Provincial exam required for English 10
Mathematics 8 - 12 Provincial exam required for Math 10
Planning 10
Science 8 - 12 Provincial exam required for Science 10
Social Studies 8 - 10
Elective courses(Accounting, BCA, etc.) 8 - 11 Based on your future plan and your interests
  • • Credit transfer in a condensed time frame.
  • • Course selection without seats/time limitation
  • • Academic bilingual support

BLC is for students who

What is on for this summer, 2016?

Find one that fits your university application plan

Subjects Location Start Date
ESL Beijing/Shanghai Upon arrival
English 10/11 Beijing/Shanghai July 5th , 2016
Social Study 10 Beijing/Shanghai July 6th , 2016
Chemistry 11 Shanghai Aug.1st , 2016
Math 12(pre-calculus) Shanghai July 4th , 2016

How to sign up?

Choose your course
Check the requirements

• We do need to know your English proficiency if you choose courses like Social Study & English

• Your transcript from your current school in Canada (if you are already studying in Canada)

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Shawn (BLC teacher)

Shawn is from Vancouver, Canada and has been in Education for 7 years. He holds a Bachelor degree in Political Science from UBC. Shawn has taught a variety of subjects including ESL, Social Studies and Literature. He is committed to teaching by providing high quality lessons which enable students learn English and earn high school credits.

Norbert (BLC teacher)

Nobert began his teaching career in 2000 and has taught advanced ESL, IELTS and social study (history) for 16 years. He holds a Bachelor degree in History from Lakehead university in Canada. Norbert is an experienced teacher who knows where to work on for the improvement of Chinese students’ academic performance.

Reggie (BLC teacher)

Reggie graduated from the University of the Philippines with a Bachelor's Degree and have been working as an English teacher since then. He has been teaching intensive English and Biology for students of International Cooperation Programs.

Alex (BLC teacher)

Alex was graduated from University of Waterloo. Teaching in China for 6 years has given Alex a good understanding of Chinese students’ second language acquisition process. He features his lessons with lots of fun and interaction with students.

Maggie Ye (BLC Teacher)

Maggie holds a Master degree in Chemistry Education from East Normal University and has a deep understanding of International Education. She has taught both Chemistry and Mathematics in BLC. Maggie lays emphasis on students-centered teaching approach. She is commit to expanding students’ visions and horizons by developing their academic thinking in her class.

Joe (BLC Teacher)

Joe is from New Orleans, Louisiana USA. He has multiple years of ESL teaching experience in South Korea, Shanghai, and Beijing. His compassion and patience are always immediately recognized by any student that has class with Joe. He emphasizes the importance of pronunciation, while speaking with a dynamic voice. Students will leave every class with him, having learned a plethora of western- world culture, as it relates to all of the lessons.

Venus (BLC Teacher)

This year, 2016, is going to be her eighth year teaching English. Venus enjoys dealing with students in all levels and nationalities, guiding learners in their educational pursuits, growing in knowledge with them academically and socially, and going through the process of maturity as they grow in wisdom.

Eric (BLC Teacher)

Eric is graduated from Beihang University. With 5 years of teaching experience of math and science courses, he has helped many students enter world-known university successfully with perfect scores. By taking his class, students will learn to think logically and comprehensively, and find the beauty of math and science.

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Vancouver Office

Vancouver Office

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Victoria Office

Victoria Office

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Shanghai Office

Shanghai Office

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Beijing Office

Beijing Office

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