VPEA has specifically provided Chinese students studying in North America with a customized overseas learning and supporting system. This comprehensive supporting system is consisted of a number of services, ranging from abroad consultation, ground service, visa application, academic supervision, to guardianship, and parental service. With the full support of VPEA, students are able to live and study in North America with ease.

The overseas supporting service of VPEA is dedicated to assist newly arrived Chinese students to adapt to the new environment, to cope with local lifestyle and more importantly, to integrate into new studying life. Also, guardianship and emergency services are established to ensure that students can contact parents freely anytime and anywhere.

Regular service

Abroad Consultation

  • Provide general information of Canada
  • Introduce the city where students will stay
  • Provide living and studying tips
  • A free study guideline of VPEA

Ground Service

  • Airport pick up and notify parents
  • Airport pickup service in holiday period
  • Assist students with applying medical care
  • Assist students with opening bank account
  • Phone number registration, bus ticket


  • Finding homestay
  • Taking students to the host family after landing
  • Deal with issues between host families and students
  • Visit host families from time to time, provide feedback to parents

Visa Application

  • Provide checklist for visa
  • Fill in the visa forms for students
  • Visa and studying permit renew
  • Canada visa renew, US visa application, passport

Academic Supervision

  • Maintain contact with students and parents
  • Sending test report and attendance sheet to parents
  • Consultation for study, course-selection, entering higher grades, and transferring schools
  • Assistance with exam registration

Studying Abroad Guidance

  • Moving house
  • Students activity
  • Volunteer
  • Mail service


  • It is the Canadian law that any overseas student under 18 must have a legitimate guardian. VPEA will also be responsible for that.

Parental Service

  • Visiting schools/school district/host family on appointment
  • Produce invitation letter for parents
  • Airport pick up service
  • Accommodation and luggage
  • Consultation for wealth management, investment in Canada and immigration

University Application

  • Consultation for selecting majors and schools
  • Personal statements and recommendation letter
  • Assistance with applying the university, providing checklist
  • Assistance with preparing interview for university

Special services in different areas across Canada

Vancouverspecial service

  • After class tutorial

    IELTS lesson, tutorial for compulsory subjects

    (e.g. English 10

    English 11

    English 12

    Social Study 11)

    Study planning

    Charter test, job test, university planning

Service in Vancouver
  • Academic Supervision

    Tips For Course Selection

    Test Report Form And Attendance Sheet

    Exam Booking

    After Class Tutorial

    Studying Planning

    Credit Transfer

  • Studying Abroad Guidance


    Phone And Mobile Service

    Health Care

    Bank Account

    Visiting Host Family

    Life Coaching

    Students Activity

    Emergency Service

    Volunteer And Work Placement

  • Visa Service

    Visa Renew

    Passport Service/Renew

    Consultation For Visa Of the US

  • Homestay

    Itinerary Of Parents Visiting

    Host Family


  • Graduation/School Transferring

    Consultation For Higher Grade

    School Changing

    Application Consulting And Editing

    University Interview Tutoring

Victoriaspecial service

  • Tutorial class

    Class for IELTS, Provencal test/academic tutoring, SAT, IELTS(general training)

  • Visa

    Student visa of Canada and Quebe, Visitor visa, working visa

    Visa for other countries(the US and EU)

  • Immigration service
  • Career planning

    Career service/intership/career planning

Service in Victoria
  • Academic supervision

    Includes 38 services

  • Graduation/school transferring

    University application

    School transferring

    Master degree

  • Visa service

    Canadian student visa

    Visiting visa

    Working visa

    Student visa-Quebec

    Student visa-other regions(the US, EU)

  • Passport service
  • Immigration service
  • Tutorial


    Provincial test



    IELTS(general training)

  • Career

    Career service


    Career planning

  • Other service


    SIN application


    Host family

Torontospecial service

  • Preparation service for resume and interview

    Upgrading CV, job seeking, interview

  • Photo ID/passport photo

    Professional studio, Photoshop

  • volunteer opportunity

    Volunteer Opportunities Recommendation, upgrading CV

Service in Toronto
  • Ontario Online High School Credit Courses

    Credit Courses

    ESL/IELTS Training

  • Preparation service for resume and interview

    Upgrading CV

    Job seeking


  • Photo ID/passport photo

    Professional studio


  • Visa application

    Canada visa application

    US visa application

    Materials Preparation

    Online Application

  • Volunteer opportunity

    Volunteer Opportunities Recommendation

    upgrading CV


  • One-stop service well-established overseas service system
  • 15 years of experience in studying abroad industry
  • Chosen by almost 10000 Chinese students
  • Authorized by 66 of official organization from the US and CAD
  • Have a extended partnership with more than 300 overseas educational institution
  • Established strategic partnership with more than 129 top universities in North America

professional team of VPEA in overseas, professional and thoughtful

Our local support team is consisted of Chinese graduates of top schools in North America. With their life and study experience in North America, we understand the needs of young Chinese students more accurately.

From life to learn, Caring from VPEA is everywhere.

  • Amanda

    Thompson Rivers University

    Great Vancouver Area

  • Angela

    Trinity Western University

    Great Vancouver Area

  • blair


    University of Victoria


  • Chris


    University of Toronto

    Great Toronto Area

  • Dan


    University of Victoria


  • Fiona


    Simon Fraser University

    Great Vancouver Area

  • James


    Concordia University

    Great Toronto Area

  • Krissy


    University of Victoria


  • Vivy


    Thompson Rivers University

    Great Vancouver Area

  • Yan


    Zhejiang Normal University

    Great Vancouver Area