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About vpea

Established in 2001, Vancouver Public Education Alliance (VPEA) is consistently devoted to building a Sino-North America international education platform, which is headquartered in Vancouver and has subsidiaries in Toronto, Victoria, Boston, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Changsha and Ha’erbin. Representing over 60 Canadian public school boards, many American public and private schools as well as more than 100 well-known universities and colleges all over North America, VPEA cooperates with well-qualified Chinese high schools to develop joint international programs. These programs provide unique educational opportunities that will connect Chinese high school students with high-quality North American education

VPEA endeavors to establish exclusive international education programs for Chinese high schools that will enhance the international experience their students receive, provide domestic and overseas teacher training, and to provide students with a comprehensive and personalized international education experience. These products and services will help our clients reach their goals and excel on the international stage.

International programs

Striving to provide exclusively internationally-based resources for Chinese high school students, VPEA has developed many long-term partnerships with numerous school boards across Canada, and with high schools – both public and private – in China.

In order to provide high quality international education and professional service for high school students in China, VPEA’s international education programs help Chinese high school students through a combination of both Chinese and international education practices. This combination will help students have easier access to the world’s top universities.

  • Government Background
  • High-quality Education Resources
  • Double School Status & Diploma
  • Nonstop to Top Universities
  • Homestay
  • Secure Guardianship
  • Customized Services
  • High Cost Performance

Overseas students services

VPEA is a part of every step of your overseas journey. Our overseas service is tailored exclusively for the individual student’s needs, and will ensure that the student has a truly enhanced educational experience.

  • Guidance Before Leaving China

    Guidance Before Leaving China

  • Airport Pickup Service

    Airport Pickup Service

  • Visa Application Assistance

    Visa Application Assistance

  • Study Tutoring

    Study Tutoring

  • Guardian Service

    Guardian Service

  • Homestay Arrangement

    Homestay Arrangement

  • Local Assistance

    Local Assistance

  • Parent Service

    Parent Service


VPEA represents Canadian and American academic institutions to promote enrollment of Chinese students from primary and secondary, all the way to college and university.

Over the years, VPEA has represented individual schools to provide consulting and application services for domestic and foreign institutions in order to ensure that our overseas partner institutions are getting the very best and more eager students.

Blended Learning center

BLC is short for Blended Learning Center which is located in China (Beijing & Shanghai). It combines online curriculum and offline classroom teaching to help overseas students to earn high school credits in a condensed time. VPEA is officially authorized to manage and run the BLC courses.

  • Quick • Credit transfer in a condensed time frame
  • Higher score • Small sized class with bilingual academic support
  • Blended teaching mode • online curriculum & onsite classroom teaching
  • Rolling schedule • tailored course design
  • Comprehensive course • covering upto 95% Canadian courses


VPEA is dedicated to recruiting excellent foreign teachers from all over the world. We make a great effort to be the best employer possible. We select our foreign teachers mainly from Graduates from the outstanding TESOL certification program at Thompson Rivers University


This golden fall, it is our honour and pleasure to welcome the leaders and experts from educational circles all over the world in the same hall of China World Hotel Beijing, where all of us will have an exchange of ideas during the 6th China-North America International Education Forum. On behalf of all the staff at Yuanbo Education Group, we would like to extend our sincere thanks and a warm welcome at your presence.